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Whey Protein Bars – Your New Secret

February 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hang on, we’re about to uncover one of the secret weapons for today’s bodybuilder – whey protein bars.

With some people wanting to eat at least 125 grams of protein every day, it can be very hard to make sure your protein requirements are met. Things just get in the way – school, work, family issues – and eating enough protein between workouts is tough. To make matters worse, protein shakes can be inconvenient to make even if you had the time.

Some people just stay resigned to this fact and will never make the muscle gains they desire. But if you can find a way to squat 200 pounds, you can find a way to meet your protein needs – right? Right!

This is where today’s tough and savvy bodybuilder pulls ahead.

Whey protein bars contain the nutrition you crave in a package you can take anywhere. You know to make sure to eat protein every 2 to 3 hours for optimum absorption and muscle growth. Now you can actually meet these requirements without having to carry around a blender and protein powders.

Most whey protein bars contain between 15 and 40 grams of protein. The amount of fat and carbs is surprisingly low, too. These bars are not going to throw your healthy eating habits out of whack.

If you think whey protein bars are still those chalky, messy things from 10 years ago you’re in for a surprise. I remember trying to eat some of the old style protein bars – I’d just as soon as eaten a chalkboard eraser than finish them!

Luckily for us now, many of the best selling bars taste very good and are not hard to digest. They can taste as good as candy bars, but without the massive amounts of sugars their junk food cousins contain.

For the price, whey protein bars are simply the most convenient way of making sure you can eat enough protein while maintaining your day to day duties.

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