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The Organic Whey

July 19th, 2010 3 comments
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The Organic Whey

Then this is what you need.

All Organic

This is a new entry into the organic whey protein class. If you don’t know much about organic whey, you can assume a few things:

It’s going to come from healthier cows.
It’s going to be rBST and BGH free.
It’s going to be very healthy for you.

The Organic Whey delivers on all three.

This isn’t a cheaply made protein, and it has a price point to match. But few other companies care about the cows from whey comes from of the sustainability of their product. Most people who shop organic care about this.

What’s In It?

The protein is a whey protein concentrate. They have managed to remove the fat totally and it has 8mg of cholesterol per 15g of protein per serving.

The amino acid profile looks good on it too: high amounts of glutamic acid and lysine.

Other than that – it’s whey. No flavors or added sweetners here. This is always an added plus since you can manage your own GI load with a whey like this, or throw in extra fats like flax oil or peanut butter to get a good fat/protein macro ratio.


Like most other unflavored, minimally processed wheys you need to mix this in well. It works fine in every liquid we threw at it (dairy, soy milk, and good ole H2O) with a blender or shaker.

Digestion is fine, aftertaste is fine. You can drink it unflavored if you want or mix in whatever you want. It’s a good base.

The Bottom Line

If you looking for a good organic whey protein powder, this is it.★★★★½

Labrada Pro V60 Plus Review

April 14th, 2009 No comments

Labrada Pro V60 PlusBuy Now

Labrada Pro V60 Plus

The Claim

“A Blend Of 5 Time-Released Proteins!” –Labrada

Let’s Be Honest Here

You’re not getting 5 time-released proteins with this.

Inside the Pro-V protein blend, I’d break it down into 2 categories:

1. short term digestion: Whey Protein Concentrate, Agglomerated Egg Albumin, Micro Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Isolate, Ion Exchange Whey Protein Isolate.

Or to keep it simpler – this is a standard whey combination with some egg protein thrown in.

2. long term digestion: Calcium Caseinate, Sodium Caseinate

Digestion rates are different for these two, but let’s be honest here. They are both casein.

You can mix whey isolate with some casein to give a longer anabolic period, and I’m not going to knock doing that if it works for you. But I think you could probably come up with your own blend.


I’m finding online prices around $25 for a 1.75 pound jar. Labrada has a recommended dose of 3 scoops per serving, for 60grams protein total though. Hence the V60 name.

At the rate advertised, you’ll go through a jar in right over a week if you take it once a day. No thanks – I’d rather not spend over $100 a month on just one protein source.

At the price, I’d recommend getting a good casein protein powder for bed, and drinking a good whey concentrate post workout.

If you really want the balance from the addition of egg protein too go to the grocery store.

Labrada set some high goals, but I’m just not digging this. It tries to do too much and ends up costing too much.★★☆☆☆