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MET-Rx Meal Replacement Protein Shake

February 16th, 2009 No comments
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MET-Rx Meal Replacement


  • 38 grams of protein
  • full of vitamins
  • low fat (2.5g)

The MET-Rx protein shakes are a reliable choice. The Original Meal Replacement Formula is MET-Rx’s flagship protein shake, and it keeps getting better and better. The most recent formula has cut out lots of fat and carbs, and provides 38 grams of various proteins.

The Secret Is Out!

This protein shake’s main ingredient is Metamyosyn, MET-Rx’s special protein blend. This name sounds confusing, but it isn’t really once we dive in.

Metamyosyn is a blend of several muscle building proteins – not just whey. Whey protein concentrate is included, along with egg protein and casein protein. While whey is fast acting and hits your muscles quick, casein digests much more slowly. We’re talking up to 6 hours longer.

This combination allows your muscles to get an initial blast of protein from the whey, then continue to get amped from the casein for hours!

How’s It Taste?

This is a very unassuming drink. It’s not going to make headlines on taste (the special protein blend does that), but it’s not bad at all – just a very middle of the road, easy to down, protein shake. The vanilla doesn’t have any strange additives or anything, nor is there any bad aftertaste or digestive problems.

Anything Else?

MET-Rx throws in 110% of your calcium for the day, along with lots of the B vitamins. This drink was originally made by a doctor studying nutrition in people who couldn’t eat much because of surgery, so it’s designed from the ground up to be as chock full of vitamins as possible.

The Bottom Line

A pioneering formula with lots of proteins and vitamins for muscle growth. It will provide your muscles with protein for hours. ★★★★☆