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Do I Need Whey Protein Shakes?

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If you are someone who is into working out, burning fat and building muscle, then protein is something that you will want to invest in. And, when purchasing large amounts of beef or eggs is not something that you want or are able to do, protein shakes are a good way to go. Protein shakes are drinks that are composed of protein (in a powdered form) that is mixed with liquids like water, milk or juice and also sometimes mixed with fruits, vegetables, or other supplements. Whey protein has become largely popular because it is a high quality, natural protein from cow’s milk. Whey protein usually comes in three different major forms: concentrate, hydrolysate, and isolate. Whey protein has a large amount of essential amino acids that are needed by the body daily. These amino acids are used to fuel the muscles that are working, and also help repair the torn muscles that result from a good work out. One amino acid in particular, leucine, is key to initiating the process of repairing muscle tissue, also called protein synthesis. Because whey protein is the most nutritious protein available, many people have looked to whey protein shakes to supplement their workouts.

Protein shakes are a great and easy way to fuel your body after a workout. Protein powder is great largely in part because it is portable. Packing up a serving of protein is as easy as grabbing an energy bar, and a lot better for you. A lot of places that sell protein also sell mixer bottles where you put in your protein, put in the liquid you are mixing it with, close the lid, and there’s a metal whisk inside and you shake up the bottle until the protein is not lumpy, and there you go! With those bottles, it is so easy to throw your protein and bottle into a gym bag or back pack and go off to the gym, and it’s ready when you are. Most of the protein comes in three main flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. There are also variations of these flavors, like milk or dark chocolate, and french vanilla, to name a few. These options are great because you can mix different things like fruits or vegetables with each flavor for a combination of your choice. Whey protein also tends to be very low in sugar, unlike weight loss shakes like Slim Fast. Because of this, people find that they like to use whey protein as a meal replacement shake as well.

There are many businesses who sell whey protein, such as GNC and Beach Body, and even famous people and companies like Jillian Michaels and the Biggest Loser corporation have put their names on their own brands of this famous powder. So, if you are on a budget and can’t afford to spend three hundred dollars a month on protein, it is okay. There is a form of whey protein that can fit almost any budget–Amazon and Ebay, for example, are a good market if you are looking for a deal.

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