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Cytosport Muscle Milk

February 16th, 2009 2 comments

Cytosport Muscle Milk ready to drinkBuy Now

Cytosport Muscle Milk ready to drink


  • 34g protein (17 oz bottle)
  • zero trans-fat
  • low carbs

The Claim

“Muscle Milk is an “evolutionary” muscle formula promoting efficient fat burning, lean muscle growth and fast recovery from exercise.” –CytoSport


Cytosport’s protein blend is called EvoPro – short for evolutionary based protein. They don’t use use just whey protein isolate, instead preferring a mixture of various proteins including casein and whey isolate.


The various proteins will absorb at different rates and give your muscles more protein than just a quick shot of whey isolate would. If taken before bed, the casein will digest as you sleep, actually making you grow healthier muscles overnight.

The real kicker is the ratios used in Muscle Milk. They’ve formulated this stuff to have the same nitrogen and protein ratios as found in human mother’s milk! Think about the last time you were undergoing explosive growth (hint: you couldn’t talk, had to be fed every few hours, and ended up tripling in size in a few years). What were you eating then? A mixture high in certain fats and proteins.

In that regard Cytosport’s hit a grand slam. This is a great nutritional blend of the right fats and proteins to build muscle.

Drinkability and Fat

Muscle Milk is yummy. It smells and looks good, just make sure to shake it up very well.

Look at the label – the fat levels in the ready to drink mix are high. 17 grams of fat per serving. This goes a long way to improving the taste of this drink, but thankfully without causing problems.

The fats are actually medium chain triglycerides. These types of fat have a low calorie count and and burned as energy much more easily than normal fats. This means they give a nice rich flavor to this shake, but won’t pack on the fatty tissue.

The Bottom Line

A good protein drink for nighttime or as a meal replacement. Will help you gain muscle without putting on more fat. ★★★★★

MET-Rx Meal Replacement Protein Shake

February 16th, 2009 No comments
MET-Rx Meal ReplacementBuy Now

MET-Rx Meal Replacement


  • 38 grams of protein
  • full of vitamins
  • low fat (2.5g)

The MET-Rx protein shakes are a reliable choice. The Original Meal Replacement Formula is MET-Rx’s flagship protein shake, and it keeps getting better and better. The most recent formula has cut out lots of fat and carbs, and provides 38 grams of various proteins.

The Secret Is Out!

This protein shake’s main ingredient is Metamyosyn, MET-Rx’s special protein blend. This name sounds confusing, but it isn’t really once we dive in.

Metamyosyn is a blend of several muscle building proteins – not just whey. Whey protein concentrate is included, along with egg protein and casein protein. While whey is fast acting and hits your muscles quick, casein digests much more slowly. We’re talking up to 6 hours longer.

This combination allows your muscles to get an initial blast of protein from the whey, then continue to get amped from the casein for hours!

How’s It Taste?

This is a very unassuming drink. It’s not going to make headlines on taste (the special protein blend does that), but it’s not bad at all – just a very middle of the road, easy to down, protein shake. The vanilla doesn’t have any strange additives or anything, nor is there any bad aftertaste or digestive problems.

Anything Else?

MET-Rx throws in 110% of your calcium for the day, along with lots of the B vitamins. This drink was originally made by a doctor studying nutrition in people who couldn’t eat much because of surgery, so it’s designed from the ground up to be as chock full of vitamins as possible.

The Bottom Line

A pioneering formula with lots of proteins and vitamins for muscle growth. It will provide your muscles with protein for hours. ★★★★☆

EAS Myoplex Original (Ready to Drink)

February 16th, 2009 2 comments

EAS Myoplex Original Ready to DrinkBuy Now

EAS Myoplex Original Ready to Drink


  • 42 grams of protein
  • ready to drink

Protein, Protein, and More Protein

You’re just looking for a quick source of protein, and EAS delivers.

But are you ready for a whopping 42 grams of protein? EAS uses it’s proprietary protein blend in the Myoplex shakes to give your muscles a kick. It includes milk protein and whey protein isolate, as well as casein.

The whey protein isolate will rush to your muscles fast after a workout, providing the initial protein they need to start repair. The milk and casein proteins will take longer to fully digest – up to 8 hours – which means your muscles get plenty of raw materials to grow.

It’s a great combination of proteins.

Tastes Good

I love the chocolate flavor. The 7 grams of fat in these things probably helps the taste too. That’s on the higher end of a prepared drink, but when balanced with the 42 grams of protein it’s okay.

The Bottom Line

A serious amount of protein in a portable, ready to go package. EAS will you give you a massive boost whenever and where ever. ★★★★☆

An Attractive Way to Gain Muscle with Whey Protein Shakes

February 16th, 2009 No comments

Serious about loosing weight and gaining lean muscle mass? Then you need to read this.

You probably know just how good whey protein can be for achieving your goals. It’s one of the best proteins for you to drink – low in fat, has a powerful effect on muscle growth, and full of health promoting benefits your body needs.

It’s such a great additive to your diet that the only problem is getting enough of it!

This is where premade whey protein shakes come into play.

We all have tried to make enough shakes or pack a meal for later, but sometimes it’s just not possible to eat. An many of the meal replacement shakes you might try only fill you up enough to be fuzzy headed throughout the day.

Drinking weight loss shakes is just not the best thing to do to gain muscle. You need meal replacement shakes designed to give large amounts of whey protein.

Many of these individually packaged shakes contain up to 40 grams of whey protein. They are also very low in fat and carbs – perfect for drinking right after a hard workout. No extra fat, no extra sugars – mostly just good for you whey!

These drinks are not just for busy people though. You can take them to gym and drink during your workout to have a constant stream of protein coming into your muscles. Or, it can be waiting for you as soon as you finish. If it’s not possible to go to a blender to make your own protein shake each time you work out, these prewrapped shakes are a life saver!

If you’re looking for a product to easily help you achieve your muscle gain goals, look no further than whey protein shakes.

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