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What Makes A Protein Bar Good?

November 17th, 2011 No comments

We are huge fans of whey protein bars.

And of course, like any other protein supplements, there are good bars and there are bad bars. Hopefully this article will help you determine what the best type of protein bar for you will be.

For starters the biggest benefit of a protein bar is that they do not have to be refrigerated. I personally keep a few boxes in my pantry and because they stay fresh for over a year, I don’t have to worry about it.

I’ve even heard about some people feeding their kids protein bars instead of candy bars. While I do agree with the sentiment, unfortunately many of the new protein bars that are hitting the market are full of saturated fats and simple carbohydrates to help give people their sweet tooth craving. Just because it also contains an extra 10 g of protein does not necessarily make it healthy. So keep that in mind when you’re reading the label ingredients.

Speaking of simple carbohydrates – I’m also seen many bars that have sugar alcohols in place of the normal sucrose or other sugars that would be in the bar. Because of the way these chemicals digesting your body, the do not create blood sugar swings like normal sugar would. I personally am not a fan of the way they taste, but if you are looking to reduce the glycemic index of food or want some kind of sweet tasting protein bar, it can be okay.

Many of these protein bars also use hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated palm oil in order to boost the fat content and try and mask the chalky or grainy taste of low-quality proteins used. While the amount of fat in the bar on a macro level is okay, this does really boost the saturated fats level in the bar. If you watch your saturated fats you should really watch out to see what types of oils are used in your protein bar. Otherwise you might be in for a surprise.

And now for protein. There are so many different types of protein bars out there that the market has become very competitive for the manufacturers. Some bars, while having lots of protein, do not actually contain whey. The protein is actually coming from soy.

The others are using a protein blend that contains various forms of whey proteins in isolate, concentrate, and full form. This can provide you a good balance between both value and nutritional content.

And of course, many of the bodybuilding supplement companies have gotten on the whey protein bar bandwagon. For the most part, they use just whey protein to supply the protein ratio. These are the ones we prefer, and of course what we recommend that you get as well.

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Biochem 100% Greens & Whey Protein Bar

February 17th, 2009 1 comment

Greens & Whey Protein BarBuy Now

Greens & Whey Protein Bar


  • Non-GMO
  • 17grams of protein
  • full of greens

This is a little outside of what you would normally think of as a whey protein bar, but have no fear! If you’ve ever eaten a good greens bar you know how they are actually very tasty. For those still to be indoctrinated into the greens club, this is a good start.

Greens and Whey

Like the name says this bar is mostly organic, non-GMO greens (spinach, wheat grass, broccoli, apple, etc) mixed with whey protein isolate. The whey has been Ultra-Filtered/Micro-Filtered to remove much of the fat and lactose from it, leaving just the active whey fractions and protein.

It has 17 grams of protein in it – pretty good for a pocket sized meal. The real benefit is the balance of vegetables in too. This is good for a quick meal replacement, and to ensure your muscles get a full range of nutrients.

How’s It Taste?

Surprisingly good! A whey protein bar on it’s own wouldn’t be that good, but the greens and agave nectar really balance it out. They impart a mild sweetness. The peanut butter bar also gets a rich flavor from the added nuts.

The Bottom Line

A perfect balance of whey and greens. Good to eat, good for you. Don’t knock green bars, man 🙂 ★★★★½

Whey Protein Bars – Your New Secret

February 16th, 2009 No comments

Hang on, we’re about to uncover one of the secret weapons for today’s bodybuilder – whey protein bars.

With some people wanting to eat at least 125 grams of protein every day, it can be very hard to make sure your protein requirements are met. Things just get in the way – school, work, family issues – and eating enough protein between workouts is tough. To make matters worse, protein shakes can be inconvenient to make even if you had the time.

Some people just stay resigned to this fact and will never make the muscle gains they desire. But if you can find a way to squat 200 pounds, you can find a way to meet your protein needs – right? Right!

This is where today’s tough and savvy bodybuilder pulls ahead.

Whey protein bars contain the nutrition you crave in a package you can take anywhere. You know to make sure to eat protein every 2 to 3 hours for optimum absorption and muscle growth. Now you can actually meet these requirements without having to carry around a blender and protein powders.

Most whey protein bars contain between 15 and 40 grams of protein. The amount of fat and carbs is surprisingly low, too. These bars are not going to throw your healthy eating habits out of whack.

If you think whey protein bars are still those chalky, messy things from 10 years ago you’re in for a surprise. I remember trying to eat some of the old style protein bars – I’d just as soon as eaten a chalkboard eraser than finish them!

Luckily for us now, many of the best selling bars taste very good and are not hard to digest. They can taste as good as candy bars, but without the massive amounts of sugars their junk food cousins contain.

For the price, whey protein bars are simply the most convenient way of making sure you can eat enough protein while maintaining your day to day duties.

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